• keep your cool in stressful situations

    3 Words To Keep Your Cool in Stressful Situations

    Clear and concise communication is an essential component of any relationship. In parenting, it is especially important because there are often two different pathways of communication: one with your child and one with the child’s other parent. When differences of opinion arise staying clear and concise can become even more difficult. Alexandra started middle school this year. …

  • Parenting

    Why My Kids Have Never Had an Easter Basket

    A couple of years ago I posted on Facebook that my girls had never had an Easter basket. I was pleasantly surprised at all the responses I got stating “Same!” But of course there were others who didn’t quite get why I deprive my children the joy of chocolate bunnies and multicolor eggs for Sunday …

  • Advocacy Tips For Moms Main 2

    3 Advocacy Tips for Moms of Daughters

    I have partnered with GenderAvenger on this sponsored post. All opinions are genuine and mine. For more info see my disclosure policy. As parents, we are our children’s first and best advocates. There is no one who will have as much vested interest in their well being and success as we do. But learning to …

  • Parenting

    3 Ways a Working Moms Can Have a Blissful Family

    I love being wife and mom. I got married at 25, a little shy of the average age that college-educated women marry for the first time and early in my professional career. I thought, “I’ve always been smart. I can do this. Heck, I graduated college with a Biomedical Engineering degree. That’s way harder than raising …

  • Support Your Super Kid 2

    3 Ways to Support Your Super Kid and Not Lose You

    Raising children who have big dreams and high expectations can be challenging. Helping your children accomplish those goals and fulfill those dreams can become a full-time job. I left Corporate America to devote my time and talents fully to my family. But I never could’ve predicted that within one year I’d be traveling the country …

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