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    Who Says You’re Not Perfect?

    For those of you with tweenaged girls like me, this title cut ought to be familiar. This inspirational song meant to build esteem and challenge the status quo of what it means to be popular and to fit into “the in crowd” could become the anthem of girls aged 10 -14 across the world. But …

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    Motherhood Monday – Made In My Image

    In the Fall of 1995 I became a collegiate on the campus of Tulane University in the uptown area of New Orleans, LA. While there I was introduced to a number of new things: local lingo (twirking is a local colloquialism for doing something effectively), palmetto bugs (GIGANTIC flying roaches), sno balls (the best combination of sugar …

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    Family Friday – The Kingdom Expansion Plan

    So, this may be the first and last Family Friday. Next week, we may change Friday’s topic of focus, but for today, it’s about the family.Family is more than just the topic of a Sister Sledge song. Family is the primary institution created by God.  Let’s look at the definition of an institution ( an organization, establishment, foundation, society, or …

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