This is a sponsored post. But as always, all opinions, whether you agree with them or not, are my own. 😉

I am a big fan of ABC’s sitcom black-ish. My family life mirrors the Johnson’s in a very real way. So I was excited to see their season premiere this week. I was even more excited to see that they visited Walt Disney World with Disney VIP Tour Guides. After watching the episode I can relate to the Johnson’s even more.

We’re big Disney fans in our house. We’ve been to Disney World several times as a family. Harold and I even spent our first wedding anniversary at Disney. That was before the widespread use of digital cameras, or I’d post pics of that trip. 🙂

Our most recent visit to Disney was this past Mothers Day during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Our entire family was invited for a weekend celebration where Olivia was awarded the Dream Big Princess, Empowerment Award. It’s a coveted invitation for social media influencers, at which I was honored to be a fly on the wall.


Disney VIP Tour Guide 1

Our Disney VIP Tour Guide Olivia

During that visit, we were granted a VIP tour guide for the day. Her name was Olivia. We immediately knew it was meant to be. She led us through the parks, behind the scenes, into special entrances and to the front of every line of our choice. It was pretty awesome.  After that experience, I don’t think I want to visit Disney any other way. Here’s why.

Disney VIP Tours Guides Are Super Knowledgable

Did you know that Mickey was almost named Mortimer? Our tour guide did. Want to know the best time to see the most popular attractions? Ask your Disney VIP Tour Guide. Where are the best bathrooms for families? She knows. What’s the quickest way to get from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain? He knows that too. Make the most out of your time by leaving the logistics and pre-planning up to them.

Disney VIP Tour Guides Are Your FastPass

No need to set your watch by the FastPass time slots and run back and forth across the parks trying to make your window. Your Disney VIP Tour Guide is your FastPass. Have you ever gotten a FastPass for Toy Story Mania! at 10 AM for a 4 PM ride? Yeah, me too. With a VIP tour, you can walk straight through the FastPass lane. Whether you do it with humility or arrogance like the Johnsons is up to you.

Disney VIP Tour Guides Will Be Your Fourth Man

Gotta party of three? Not anymore. Your Disney VIP Tour Guide will fill out your party so no one has to ride alone. Need someone to hang with little Jimmy while you ride Expedition Everest? Your Disney VIP Tour Guide will do that too. Olivia hung tough with us through Big Thunder Mountain, The Kilimanjaro Safari, and Splash Mountain. The girls wanted to ride it three times; I was done after the first ride.

Disney VIP Tour Guides 2

Waiting to ride Big Thunder Mountain

Disney VIP Tour Guides Can Get You Back Stage

There is one thing I suggest you plan ahead to do with your VIP Tour – live shows. Depending upon how long you have your tour guide, it may be difficult to get in for Finding Nemo – The Musical or a spot on stage in Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away if you don’t reserve your spot early. So to make sure you get to do your special meet and greet with Nemo, Dory, and Marlin, have your Disney VIP Tour Guide book your spot first thing. We missed this opportunity, so take my word for it!

Disney VIP Tour Guides Make You a VIP

As if you weren’t already special, with a Disney VIP Tour Guide, you’ll be visiting the most magical place on earth just like some of the most famous people on earth. Olivia has provided tours for Boyz2Men, Pentatonix, and members of the Queen of England’s Royal Court to name a few. The week we were there, Joe Flacco and his family were visiting VIP style as well. If this status doesn’t matter to you, don’t worry, all the other reasons I’ve given are enough to book your VIP tour today.

Book your Disney VIP Tour on the Disney World website here.

What would you want to experience on a Disney VIP Tour?