Of all the things Olivia has been able to experience over the past year, being recognized and honored by Disney Parks has got to be the most fulfilling. Our whole family was specially invited to the annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration to receive her award. It was given as part of a new Disney campaign launched in February 2016 called Dream Big, Princess.

Dream Big, Princess

Photo Credit: Preston Mack/Disney

Before Olivia was born, Harold and I were discussing what we might name her. A number of options were listed for consideration, but he ended the conversation by stating, “If it’s a girl I’ll call her Princess.” So I suppose, receiving this award was always in Olivia’s destiny. After all Dream Big, Princess was officially launched on her birthday.

The initiative is about showing tween girls, through the examples of the Disney Princesses they already know and love, that they can be whoever they want and achieve whatever they dream. There is no mold to fit into and no right way to be a princess. It’s teaching girls to be bold. Be brave. Be strong. Be smart. Be confident. And be unashamed about it. At a time in their lives when girls’ self-esteem is most vulnerable.

This is very much like the message Olivia shares through the I Can Be Girls Confidence Conference. This event was born out of the compassion Olivia has for those she sees in need. Wanting to help girls her age build self-esteem and go after their “big dreams,” she planned a conference of speakers and workshops designed to do just that. Using her influence to support and empower other girls is what won her the award.

I always share the accomplishments and endeavors of my super kids; as their mom, that’s not surprising to anyone. It is an awesome feeling to have others recognize the unique and caring qualities in your child. It’s even better to be brought to the happiest place on earth for a weekend celebration of her accomplishments.

Dream Big, Princess 3

Jordan, Olivia and Hailey

To make the weekend even better, we got to spend it with two other young ladies who received Dream Big, Princess Awards for Innovation and Community. Jordan Reeves and Hailey Fort are both 10-year-old super kids making their mark on the world in big ways. We had the best time with their families and look forward to continued friendship and support of each other’s projects.

A few years ago I made a pledge to invest more into experiences and building memories for our family. This weekend at Disney has given our family so many wonderful memories and awesome experiences that we will remember for a lifetime. I am re-energized to continue supporting the big dreams my super kids have!

What big dreams do your super kids have for themselves? How will you support them in making their dreams come true?