Olivia, Alexandra and I thoroughly enjoy our ambassadorship wth Justice. Everything we share about them are our own opinions. We love the brand and the program so much, we want everyone to know about it!

“Live Justice” is a new program for the Tween Brand company focused on empowering and inspiring girls to be authentically who they are. The new Justice Brand Ambassador Program, Girls With Heart, is made up of tween girls across the country who embody what it means to #livejustice.

Girls With Heart 4

All the Girls With Heart are sharing the six core values of the program through YouTube videos and social media. Those values are to live active, live connected, live creatively, live positively, live smart, and to live together.

Girls With Heart 3

Because pink shades are foxy. #livejustice #livecreatively

Both Olivia and Alexandra are Justice Brand Ambassadors through the Girls With Heart program. They have loved being in the program. Their favorite part was visiting the flagship store in Columbus, OH during the Justice Brand Conference. Olivia FINALLY got items with the “O” initial on them and Alexandra got her pink fox. They also shot Live Justice videos that will be shared this holiday season.

Girls With Heart 1

Alexandra deciding if the fatigue outfit is the right #justicestyle for her.

Girls With Heart 2

Olivia shopping with her kindred design spirit Nicole, a clothing designer for Justice.

Check out a few of the Girls With Heart videos submitted by Olivia and Alexandra.

Girls With Heart – Fall Family Traditions

In this video Olivia and Alexandra share their favorite fall family tradition: making sweet potato pie from scratch using my recipe.

Girls With Heart – Back To School

Alexandra shared what she was most looking forward to during the back to school season, including playing a little flag football.

Girls With Heart – How Are You a Rockstar

Also known as the #dramadiva and #dancingqueen, Olivia shares how she’s a rockstar and how music helps her bond with family and friends.

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