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    How To Plan Your Month In One Hour Or Less

    Our busy family stays on the move, and that makes it vitally important to have a system for keeping everyone organized. I am always seeking ways to stay on task and get more done in less time without stressing out. It’s one of the four components to Strategic Family Management. And from basketball games to dance performances, …

  • Travel

    Family Friendly Activities in New York City

    Over the past couple years I have found myself in New York City more times than expected supporting my girls in pursuit of their dreams. It’s almost impossible to visit The Big Apple and not get drawn in by all the iconic tourist attractions and landmarks that make the city famous. But the large crowds …

  • beginning of each month main

    5 Things To Do at the Beginning of Each Month

    You’ve got a ton on your plate mama. And if you’re like me you don’t have time for things to get off schedule. When things get out of whack, balls get dropped. And when balls get dropped life gets stressful. Mom Life is stressful enough, who needs the added stress of being disorganized? By doing these …

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    5 Ways Moms Can Avoid Holiday Stress

    Do you remember the most stressful holiday you’ve ever had? I do. I insisted on having a live Christmas tree. Harold disagreed, but went along with it anyway. A few days before Christmas, during a gathering of friends and family, the fully decorated tree fell over. Fully decorated. Presents were soaked and tensions were high. …

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    3 Advocacy Tips for Moms of Daughters

    I have partnered with GenderAvenger on this sponsored post. All opinions are genuine and mine. For more info see my disclosure policy. As parents, we are our children’s first and best advocates. There is no one who will have as much vested interest in their well being and success as we do. But learning to …

  • keep your cool in stressful situations

    3 Words To Keep Your Cool in Stressful Situations

    Clear and concise communication is an essential component of any relationship. In parenting, it is especially important because there are often two different pathways of communication: one with your child and one with the child’s other parent. When differences of opinion arise staying clear and concise can become even more difficult. Alexandra started middle school this year. …