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A few years ago I discovered the 52 Week Savings Plan and decided it would be an awesome way to save money for Christmas. At the end of the year, I would have over $1300 to put toward shopping for gifts. But with 3 kids, I would have to have a strategy not to overspend my budget. So I resolved to be intentional by giving practical, purposeful gifts.

My strategy included shopping throughout the year, including something necessary (‘cuz who doesn’t love Christmas pajamas), giving an experience gift and buying items that aligned with my children’s personalities and interests.

Since one of my girls is a techie, one of my girls is artsy and they all love to read, I chose to share the practical, purposeful gifts we’re giving this year that are science-based, designer originals and books.

Practical, Purposeful Gifts for Techies


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  • To keep up with their fitness activity, we’re giving the new Amazon Fire Tablets. #theacademic can also connect to Blox Town where Ruby and Goldie build lots of fun!

Practical, Purposeful Gifts for Readers

  • My youngest reads 7 to 8 books a week. A few year ago she fell in love with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so we got the latest release. She’ll read this one over and over again…like she did the ten others.
  • Earlier in the year we participated in the #1000BlackGirlBooks Drive and discovered the NYT best-selling author Rita Williams-Garcia’s series about three little girls in their quest to find their mother. This year we bought the third installment for my middle schooler, Gone Crazy in Alabama.
  • Olivia connected with Coach Keisha after her first I Can Be Girls Confidence Conference. The Inner Beauty Secret gives parents the tools to help build confidence in their daughters.practical purposeful gifts 2

Practical, Purposeful Gifts with Artsy Flair

  • For my fashionista/future fashion designer, we got these blasts from the past! I can’t wait to take a walk down memory lane with her and see the designs she makes with Fashion Plates.
  • The Zandra Beauty line is all natural AND it’s made by a girl, 15-year-old CEO, Zandra Cunningham. It’s a good start for my middle schooler to manage the transition to puberty without harsh chemicals and smelling uniquely awesome!
  • To be on time for school and all her activities, Olivia will have Girl Powered Modify Watch by Edreys. This one of a kind hand sketched design reinforces the message Olivia shares with her I Can Be audience – boldly go after your dreams.