It June and that means summer sports are in full swing. If your family is like our family there is always a season; we’re a winter, spring, summer and fall sports family.

Alexandra is a Junior Olympic Medalist and All-American sprinter. She also plays flag football, basketball, a little baseball and trains with an athletic trainer.  Trevone played football, basketball and ran track in high school. Olivia dances and contends against our argument that it’s just as much a sport as anything else. Then again, look at Misty Copeland. And dance is never-ending.  I actually wish there was a season for ballet that’s separate from hip hop, jazz, and musical theater. But I digress.

Are you prepared for your child's summer sports season? The Sports Mom 101 Series has all the information you need to survive the sideline. Click To Tweet

With our sports schedule, I’m often asked how we make it work.
Do you stay at the track ALL DAY?
How do you manage games in the rain?
Is there a meet EVERY weekend? Travel meets too?
How much does all this cost?
Will I have to burn all my vacation days?

So I compiled a list of the most common questions I am asked and will answer them in this series of posts called Sports Mom 101: What You Need To Survive the Sideline.  It is sure to help new sports families start out on the right foot. There will be insight and support for the not-so-new sports mom as well.

Sports Mom 101 Main

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Several of my blogger friends had some of the same questions, so the Sports Mom 101 Series will answer them in a 5-part series that covers

The Sports Mom 101 Series has everything you need to know to survive the entire summer sports season on the sideline. #SportsMom101 #MomOnTheMove Click To Tweet

Sports Moms 101: On The Sideline

Larisha from wants to know “How do I not to get sunburned and what products will make my time easier?”  The On The Sideline post will discuss what to bring, what to do before you arrive and once you get there, and the gear you need so your time on the sideline is enjoyable or everyone.

Sports Mom 101: Nutrition

Gina from asked, “What snacks won’t get poo-pooed by coaches and other parents?” Stephanie from asked for tips on figuring out meals so you don’t live on the concession stand snacks.

Nutrition is a core component of an athlete’s training and performance. Advanced planning to ensure they are properly fueled is important. This nutrition post addresses what to eat, what not to eat, proper hydration, and common food allergies to avoid when it’s your turn to bring snacks.

Sports Mom 101: Battling Boredom

The only sport Olivia loves is dance. She challenged my creativity to keep her occupied on the sideline with her older brother when she was younger. It’s even more of a challenge now on the hot, summer sideline with her younger sister.

Miranda is seeking activities to keep her little ones occupied when they don’t have the attention span to endure an entire game. That answer and some pro tips of the trade on incorporating technology and electronic devices into the mix are the main themes in the Battling Boredom post.


Sports Mom 101: Managing Relationships

I have to admit, this next question is the absolute best question I’ve ever gotten from a sports mom. It doesn’t hurt that I think Allison from is hilarious. She asked, “How do I not beat up the obnoxious sports moms?” I do not condone violence in this predicament. It’s frowned upon at little league games. But this post on relationship management has an answer for Allison, as well as other tips when it comes to team sports, the coach-parent-player dynamic, and high-stress situations.

Sport Mom 101 - Playlist Link

Click here to to download the ultimate playlist for your female athlete.

Sports Mom 101: Time Management

Jemimah from will be a track mom for the first time. She says, “I had no idea about the time commitment.” Amelia from was not prepared for all the driving. Go figure. Time management is of utmost importance when juggling sports schedules, household schedules, school schedules and everything else. The Time Management post will share the approach and tools you need for schedule and activity management, a major component of the Strategic Family Management system.

Are you ready for your child’s summer sports season? Tell me what you need to get prepared in the comments!