We only do milestone birthday parties in our family. So when we give our children a party we go all out. We make a grand event out of the occasion. Everything from the decorations to the cake to the invitations has to be perfect.

Olivia’s was Hollywood themed and entitled “The Olivia” – complete with a red carpet, acting class, and popcorn and a movie. Trevone’s was football themed – cake, tailgating food, Madden games – but there were no pictures.

So what’s my secret to a throwing a stress free themed birthday party? Hire someone. Seriously. Party planning is not my gift, and all I want to do is show up and clean up. Now that you know my secret, enjoy these photos from Alexandra’s 10th birthday party. 

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party: The Food

The one thing I did do for the party was the invitations. Well, I didn’t actually do the invitations, but I did log into Evite to choose the design. Super easy, quick and convenient access from your computer or smartphone.  Use the code EVITELOVE and receive 15 premium invitations free. Use my affiliate link to get started here.

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party: The Food

You don’t have to serve fancy food to have a fancy themed party. For Alexandra’s superhero-themed party we served Krunch and Punch (of course) and homemade cupcakes with fondant toppers. Simple and fun. 

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party: The Decorations

Decorations are the base of a themed party. It’s the simplest way to set the atmosphere and the mood you want to achieve in the room. 

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party: The Activities

What’s a party without activities? Make sure the kiddos have something to do each minute they’re in the room, even if it’s just comparing and contrasting their superhero names.

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party

Stress Free Themed Birthday Party: The Fun Stuff

The balloon tower and the themed hand signs helped take the fun and creativity to the next level. 

How do you take the stress out of throwing a Pinterest worthy birthday party for your children? Share your secret in the comments.