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    5 Tips to Have a Great Relationship All Year

    Valentine’s Day (Weekend)has come and gone. And the rush of flowers, cards, candy, dinners, and dates with it. Harold and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. One year we spent our evening enjoying the  Kentucky Opera’s presentation of the timeless classic Romeo and Juliet. Followed by the drive through at Wendy’s. For us, it was a good …

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    #AskAnitra – Force and Relationships

    Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, we tend to push the issue and force out will. In this video I share why more force is good in physics, but not so much in relationships. For more info on how to experience the difference of #relationshipsthatwork #AskAnitra

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    Wifely Wednesday – Tell Him

    In my opinion, Lauryn Hill is one of the most insightful music artists of my time. Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been many before her, and a few after her (music has suffered so much since the beginning of its end in the 1990s). But her debut album dropped at a pivotal time in …