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It’s time to start getting ready to go back to school. That means cleaning out the closet to find all the uniform shirts, shorts and pants Alexandra has outgrown. Thankfully, the Gymboree Uniform Shop helps to complete her school wardrobe.

Gymboree School Uniforms main

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Gymboree School Uniforms: Sweaters

Alexandra’s school uniform includes school branded tops. The one exception to that rule is the addition of a solid navy blue sweater worn over a collared shirt. This is an option she absolutely loves because coats are something she absolutely hates. So I always pick up a couple cardigans she can throw on to add layers without adding bulk.

Uniform Cardigan

from: Gymboree, Crazy 8 & Janie and Jack

Gymboree School Uniforms: Pants

Alexandra’s male classmates have deemed her the “honorary boy.” I’m not sure if that’s because she is much faster than them on the playground or because she refuses to wear the girl’s plaid skirt or jumper. ABSOLUTELY REFUSES. Thank goodness the girls can also wear the “boys” uniform of plain khaki or navy bottoms.

Gymboree’s Uniform line is made with Nanotex® which helps her clothes withstand her rough and tumble approach to playtime.

Uniform Straight Pants

from: Gymboree, Crazy 8 & Janie and Jack

Gymboree School Uniforms: Accessories

Once Alexandra reaches middle school the dress code changes a bit. The most exciting change for here will be the ability to wear what ever socks she wants. Tweens have a way of wanting to express themselves however they can, and socks have taken a lead in statement apparel for kids.

Until then, I’ll stock up on solid colored crew socks and knee socks from the accessories section.

Foldover Socks – $2.39

from: Gymboree, Crazy 8 & Janie and Jack

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