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When you stay on the go like we do in our family, it is vitally important to have a system for keeping activities and events organized. To get more done in less time I use a system of Schedule and Activity Management. It’s one of the four components to Strategic Family Management. And from basketball games to dance performances, from speaking engagements to your big pitch meeting and everything in between following these steps you can plan your month in one hour or less.

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Why You Need to Plan Your Month

“The trouble is you THINK you have time.” Buddha

How easy is it to miss an appointment, forget about a practice, or double book your schedule? Those things happen when we are not fully in command of our time. Time is the most precious commodity you’ll ever have. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You cannot create more of it, and you cannot recoup what you’ve misused. Schedule and Activity Management is the first step in becoming more aware of just how much time you actually have.

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What You Need to Plan Your Month

You need three tools for strategic scheduling: a handwritten planner, an online scheduler, and a wall calendar. The handwritten planner is for inspiration, ideation, and organization. The tactile feeling of writing things out and visually watching activities materialize helps me to think more clearly. The online scheduler is for automated planning, electronic reminders and shared access. I set reminders for tasks Harold would otherwise forget. It’s a win-win! And the wall calendar serves as a highly visual reminder and central command center for the family. Olivia and Alexandra love to leave me messages and see what I respond on the board.


A Strategy to Plan Your Month

Follow these five steps and complete your monthly planning with time to spare

1. Record all known activities on the month-at-a-glance view in your handwritten planner before the month begins. This includes birthdays, recurring activities, special events and school activities.
2. Record events on the month-at-a-glance view in your handwritten planner as you learn of them.
3. Pick a day once each week to transfer each activity to the detailed weekly view. I typically do this on Sunday.
4. Enter all shared activities in your online planner. Automate reminders, enter notes and assign tasks to each family member as necessary.
5. Record activities and need to know reminders on the wall calendar in the family command center. This includes Family Game Night, date night for the parents, grandma’s upcoming visit and anything else that will motivate and remind your family of what’s coming.

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Allen Family Command Central

And now you’re done! Get more done in less time using a Schedule and Activity Management system like this one.

 Do you use a Schedule and Activity Management System for your family? How will you regain or maintain control of your time and schedule this year?

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