alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive

Girls With Heart Alexandra and Maddi Jane #LiveActive

As most of you know, Alexandra loves sports. She has always been active and fearless–willing to try anything that’s physically challenging at least once. So when Justice asked her to appear as the Girl With Heart in the #LiveActive video, she was ecstatic. Check out this fun-filled video where Alexandra and Maddi Jane #LiveActive by trying a new sport and having fun with friends.

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive/
Getting prepped for the video shoot was a bit of a challenge for Alexandra. She is not the lip gloss kinda girl. LOL But once her makeup was done she took to the camera and microphone naturally.

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive

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All the Girls With Heart had a great time at the rink. Some of them ice skated for the first time. It took some time to get used to the difference between ice skating and roller skating for Olivia. Always willing to lend a helping hand, once she got the hang of it Olivia became the designated driver for those who wanted to ride the discs.

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive 2

The best part was making up new games with an already fun activity. The owners of the rink had great ideas for adding a twist to ice skating. Human curling anyone?

alexandra and maddi jane #liveactive

Be sure to check exactly how Alexandra, Maddi Jane and all the other Girls With Heart #LiveActive in the complete video. Also be on the lookout for Alexandra, Maddi Jane, Olivia and the other Girls With Heart in the Live Justice video series in stores and on the Justice YouTube Channel.

What activities are you doing to #LiveActive?

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