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9 All Natural Hygiene Products for Your Daughter

Adolescence is a great time to start teaching your daughter important lessons in life. How to cook for herself, how to balance a checking account, and how to care for her body. There are so many choices and so many lessons to unlearn about what is good and healthy for young bodies. These 9 all natural hygiene products will make it easy to teach your daughter to care for herself.

all natural hygiene products

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Bath and Body

Zandra Beauty

Skincare is a top priority for tween and teen girls. They are entering a time in life where their bodies are changing and those changes bring body odor. Stinkiness. FUNK. The last thing your daughter wants is the boy she’s crushing on to tell her she stinks.

Zandra Beauty is an honest bath and body company that offers all natural hygiene products for girls’ skincare. The bar soaps and the body washes are gentle and moisturizing enough for their changing bodies but strong enough to battle body odor. The scents are light and fresh and eliminate the need for perfume. The Bamboo Clay facial bar is also great for breakouts.

Naturally Me 502

My grandmother would always say, “You can’t be walking around looking ashy.” Moisturizing clean skin is a key step in keeping it healthy. Dry, cracked skin can lead to other avoidable health problems.

The body butters by Naturally Me 502 are absolutely amazing and will give your girl that natural glow. My favorite products are the African Shea Butter and the Baby Butter because they keep your skin soft and smooth without feeling greasy.

Play Pits

One day as I was teaching my daughter how to condition her hair she raised her arm and I almost passed out. Y’all. She swears she showered that morning and I believe she did. But there comes a point when washing every day just isn’t enough. Enter Play Pits.

Play Pits is an all natural deodorant line created by a mom to save her nose from the smell of her very active son. It is free of the harsh chemicals and additives that have been known to cause health problems for women. And it smells fresh enough that your tween daughter will be excited to use it – EVERY DAY.

Hair Care


Teaching your daughter to tame her locks is essential. Just make sure she’s bathed and used deodorant so you don’t pass out when she raises her arm like I did (see above). The days of spending all day in the salon waiting are over with haircare products you can use at home like Naturalicious.

The unique blend of cleanser, conditioner, and detangler in the Naturalicious products cut the time out of wash day. Choose the tight or loose curl formula to fit your daughter’s hair texture and make teaching her to wash, condition, and detangle her hair even easier. You can start with a travel size kit for less than $20 which I love because we know that hair care products can add up quickly.

Get 15% percent off your first order of Naturalicious using this link.

Silky Wraps

Once her hair is clean it needs to be protected. If your girl is like mine she can’t keep a scarf on through the night to save her life. Silky Wraps has awesome satin and silk lined bonnets with a drawstring to keep them in place through the night. They also have wrap caps for blowout days.

Billie Razors

Not all hair care is about keeping that hair in place. That body odor we discussed is often caused by the hair in those hot pockets which is why I almost passed out. But I’m not ready for my girl to use harsh chemicals, hot wax, or poorly made razors can cause irritation and bumps. So I was excited to find Billie Razors.

The starter kit is only $9 and comes with two blades. The charcoal shave soap that surrounds the blade keeps the skin moisturized and clean while shaving.

Feminine Care

Ruby Love

No one prepared me to start my period, so when it started in elementary school I made a ton of mistakes. My sister was mortified when she realized I had the entire package of sanitary napkins in my backpack, but she helped me figure things out.

Ruby Love has a first period kit that includes everything from pads to hygiene wipes to a warming gel pad for cramps. It makes preparing your daughter for her first visit from Aunt Flo easy breezy.

Honey Pot

In February 2020 Beatrice Dixon and her all natural feminine product company Honey Pot came under fire for a commercial run by Target. The response of her supporters makes it hard to find these products in store or online. But if you find them, get them! The product line offers an all natural alternative to traditional feminine products. So if you’re concerned about what your daughter is using “down there” Honey Pot is a great choice.


The first time my daughter had an overnight leak from her period I was frustrated. It was massive, like everywhere. The second time I was annoyed because I thought we covered how to avoid this. The third time my mother helped her cover it up and was hush, hush about. That’s when I decided something had to give. It was no fun for her either. So I decided to take the uncertainty out of nighttime leaks with Knixteen period protection.

With designs made especially for teens, Knixteen helps take the embarrassment out of something natural like having a period. Get $15 off your first purchase using this link

What all natural hygiene products are you using for your daughter?

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