The 3 Best Sites to Buy Glasses Online for Your Teen

When Olivia started performing more we realized she was going to need contacts. It’s hard to sing and dance on stage without losing your glasses. We weighed our choices – whether or not to use insurance, how much it was going to cost, etc. – and decided it was best to buy glasses online. It was quick, painless and she was seeing clearly in a few days. The companies listed below are the best sites I know to get your teen’s eyewear online.

Buy Glasses Online Pinnable

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Value and Variety: GlassesShop

There are a ton of companies where you can buy glasses online. Choices range from super pricey designer frames to the extremely affordable value eyewear. GlassesShop is a site I have found that provides a great variety of styles with good value. Not everything is value-priced, which makes me feel better about the quality of the frame we were getting.

The best thing about GlassesShop is that you can get your first pair of glasses – including the frames, lenses, scratch coating, protective case, and cleaning cloth – for free. That’s right, in order to demonstrate good faith and earn your trust as a customer, GlassesShop offers your first complete pair of glasses at no cost when you pay shipping and handling. That’s a win for me.

Quick Delivery: Overnight Glasses

Has your teen ever lost or broken their glasses at the worst time? Like maybe leaving them at school during a week-long break? Or at the park after practice? Just my kids? OK. Well, Overnight Glasses has a solution for all of us parents with absent-minded and accident-prone children.

buy glasses online 1
The time she though her frames were fully flexible. 🤦🏾‍♀️

If you place your order by 12 PM PST you will get your glasses the NEXT DAY guaranteed! Even better, the shipping is free. Yep, that’s right, the shipping is free.

The frames are a bit pricier than other sites – starting around $40 – but when you need them in a pinch Overnight Glasses is a great option to buy glasses online quickly and affordably. They also accept HSA and FSA plans for payment.

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Purchase Contacts:

If your teen is now wearing contacts and you’d like to order them at a discount try In addition to glasses, they sell daily, weekly, and monthly contact lenses. Order soon and you will receive an additional 70% code toward your purchase. also has a social good program called See The Good. If you truly cannot afford the eyewear you need, send an email with your story to Once they evaluate your case you may qualify to receive glasses for your teen free of charge. That’s a win for you.

Have you ever had to buy glasses online for your teen?

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