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Family Fun Time: Downtown Aquarium Houston

Spending time together and enjoying each other’s company is an important part of creating a strong family. I call this #familyfuntime.  It’s a time to bond and get to know one another better. It’s especially important when you are raising super kids. They are often expected to perform and produce at high levels and need downtime to just be themselves. Harold and I made a point to sneak in some #familyfuntime during the AAU Junior Olympics.  We took a trip to the Downtown Aquarium Houston.

The Downtown Aquarium Houston is a multifaceted entertainment and dining complex. It is centered around the indoor aquarium featuring over 200 species. The complex also includes Stingray Reef, outdoor games and rides, a restaurant, an outdoor splash park and concessions.

Admission to the aquarium is about $12 per adult and $9 for children over 2 years old and 42″ or shorter. I suggest purchasing the all day adventure pass for less than $20 each. It grants you access to all rides and exhibits for the entire day. More info on ticketing can be found here.

We were super excited to find references to our beloved Disney at the aquarium. We have been reminded of Finding Dory so many times since seeing the preview at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. What other Disney references can you find?

Enjoy our visual tour of the Downtown Aquarium Houston.

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