Why My Kids Have Never Had an Easter Basket

A couple of years ago I posted on Facebook that my girls had never had an Easter basket. I was pleasantly surprised at all the responses I got stating “Same!” But of course there were others who didn’t quite get why I deprive my children the joy of chocolate bunnies and multicolor eggs for Sunday breakfast. Here’s why.

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Food Allergies

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For the first five years of Olivia’s life, we didn’t consume eggs. We learned pretty early that she had an intolerance to them.

My mother would always make me breakfast during her visits when Olivia was born. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. And the entire time she visited, Olivia would scream bloody murder. And when she left, it would stop. My mom almost developed a complex.

That Easter we celebrated with friends and I enjoyed a couple of deviled eggs at dinner. The next day Olivia screamed bloody murder and we figured it out. After that, no more eggs.

This is also the reason we don’t get flu shots, but that’s a different story.

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Super Religious Beliefs

If you didn’t know, I’m a Christian. It’s not something I am ashamed of saying, but I typically don’t share that here on the blog – separation of church and state as it were.

Anywho, for a few years I was very committed to the idea that my children would not become secularized (is that even a word?) by bunnies and a fat man in a red suit. So we stuck to the religious meaning of the holidays.

Before you come for me, I am not knocking anyone who does honor Santa and the Easter Bunny, we just don’t do it here. And now that our kids are old enough to understand we discuss the historical context behind the blending of the sacred and secular.
Besides, at the tender age of 5, Alexandra had already figured it that bunnies don’t lay eggs.

Failed Execution

The year I made my Facebook confession was the same year Family Christian Stores shut down all their retail locations and went to a strictly online shopping platform. I decided to head over and see what items I could find – that I didn’t really need – on deep discount.

I found one of my all time favorite “Wifey” shirts and several double insulated water bottles to use during track season.

After being teased about not doing baskets, I went back to the store and bought Cupcakes and Jesus t-shirts, books, and notepads for the girls. I threw them together in a bag with some candy in what would be their first ever Easter gift.

But like I said before, they had never awaken to candy or baskets, so they looked at the bags and shrugged it off. This is of course as I’m told by Harold because I was already at church to sing for the first service of the day by the time they awoke. #EpicFail

Because I Don’t Have To

Really when it’s all said and done we each have to do what works for us as moms and for our families.
Don’t want you kids hopped up on sugar all day? Don’t give them candy. Don’t feel the public school system can meet your son’s needs and your expectations? Home school. Don’t like what the doctor said about your daughter’s condition? Find a new one.

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Do what works for you, Mama. And don’t feel pressured to do anything because your kids might feel like their missing out. Olivia and Alexandra don’t even remember the one time they colored eggs at my mom’s house. And they’re OK.

What’s something you don’t do, that everyone else around you seems to do?

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  1. We didn’t do those either. And, no tooth fairy gifts or Halloween activities. My mom used to say I was keeping them from experiencing some of the magic of childhood. That is, until I reminded her of all of the fun things my hubby and I WERE doing with our children, such as annual themed birthday parties, trips to popular theme parks (e.g., Disneyland, Legoland, etc.,) almost every year and so on. Thanks for writing this; I’m sure the post will encourage other parents who also feel like this.

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