How Olivia Became the First Evite Birthday Hero

Our family is thrilled to partner with Evite® in celebrating their 20th birthday through the Evite Birthday Hero CampaignThis is a paid post, but all opinions, stories and information shared is true, authentic and of course, my own.

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How We Celebrate Birthdays

As I have shared before, we only do milestone parties for our children. It’s a part of our parenting approach to raising well-balanced children that aren’t completely self-centered in the age of social media and selfie stars. We reserve this time-honored ritual for ages 5, 10, 13, and 16.

Olivia celebrated her 10th birthday with an Academy Award themed, Hollywood style party. We went all out with a red carpet, champagne flutes – filled with sparkling apple cider – and an acting class. Each guest was photographed upon arrival and dressed to the nines. It was incredible and so fitting for our budding actress. The only thing missing were the gifts…in a way.Evite Birthday Hero 3

She Decided To Donate Her Birthday

Olivia decided that she didn’t want gifts that year. She was having an awesome party and we bought her the gift she really wanted as a family. Instead, she chose to accept toy donations for a local children’s charity. Talk about a proud mama moment.

After the party, she extended the drive to the community and set a goal to collect 100 toys. She partnered with two local toy stores and a children’s bookstore. After only 3 collection days she received nearly 120 toys. And so began Olivia’s journey into donating her birthday.


Her Birthday Tradition Continues

This year Olivia turned 13, which means two things:  She’s officially a teenager and she got to have a milestone birthday party. I worried that the excitement for the party she knew she had coming combined with the onset of typical teenage behavior would make her drop her giving tradition. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Her compassion and love for people was the driving force behind our family nonprofit, Girls Giving For Good. Through our nonprofit, Olivia partnered with Uspiritus, a local nonprofit that provides care for vulnerable children and families throughout Kentucky. She organized an event to make birthday party kits for their residential clients and invited the community using Evite®.

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Using Evite® To Donate Your Birthday

Evite® made planning and organizing Olivia’s birthday event a breeze. Plus it’s completely free. We shared details about the event with family and friends using a themed Evite® invitation we customized to our needs. Getting the community involved was as easy as sharing directly sharing to social media from within the invitation.

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Even better, those who were unable to make it could still participate using Evite® Donations.  We have no family locally, but my mom & dad and sister & brother were still able to participate in her event. Evite® Donations allows your guests from far and wide to join your celebration and support your cause at the same time.

She Inspired Other To Donate Their Birthday

She’s inspired so many to give back to our community, but none more than our own family. Alexandra donated her 10th birthday to Uspiritus also. I donated my 40th birthday to a fundraiser for Girls Giving For Good. We’ll have to see what Harold will do to join in the family tradition.

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Encourage the spirit of giving in your children and have them join Olivia in becoming an Evite® Birthday Hero. Becoming a Birthday Hero is as easy as donating your special day to your favorite charitable cause. All the tools you need to help them donate their birthday to a worthy cause are available online or through the mobile app!

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How will you inspire your little giver to become an Evite Birthday Hero? What organization means enough to you to donate your birthday?

14 Replies to “How Olivia Became the First Evite Birthday Hero”

  1. What an amazing idea. My son and his friends are blessed with so many things that I think we all need to do a better job of reminding our children to donate to causes.

  2. This is awesome. What an honor to be the first Birthday Hero. She is doing amazing things, and you’re an amazing mom to be right by her side. I would love if my children were apart of something so life changing.

  3. This is beautiful! It’s important to be mindful and be compassionate towards others. Glad your daughter is able to continue the family tradition.

  4. I just read tbis post along with my 6 year old. Thanks for sharing your daughtet’s story. Truly inspiring!

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