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3 Type of Songs Needed On a Female Athlete Playlist

As a sports mom, there is a warring combination of pride and terror you feel inside every time your athlete steps up to the line or on the court. Especially if your athlete is your daughter. There is an added level of stress and scrutiny placed upon female athletes. No matter how much you wish for the best, the outcome is completely out of your hands.  But you can influence your child’s game time preparations with a female athlete playlist.female athlete playlist

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There are three kinds of songs your athletic daughter will need to prepare both her mind and her body for competition: songs of dedication, songs of motivation, and songs of inspiration.

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Female Athlete Playlist: Dedication

There is far more to competing at a high level than just showing up when it’s game time. Training your body to perform at a high physical level involves exercise, nutrition, and rest.

To keep her going when she feels like she wants to quit we’ve added songs like Roar (by Katy Perry) and Unstoppable (by China Anne McClain).

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Female Athlete Playlist: Motivation

Unlike team sports, where teammates can pump each other up, track and field an individual competition. Alexandra always gets a little nervous before each race. It’s only normal when you’re competing on a national level.

Female athlete playlist main

There’s always going to be someone bigger, faster, or stronger. To keep her motivated we’ve added songs like All I Do Is Win (by DJ Khaled) and Girl On Fire (by Alicia Keys).

Female Athlete Playlist: Inspiration

No one can win all the time. And no matter how hard you train or how good you’ve been, some days it’s just not your day. The times when she knows she could’ve have done better and just doesn’t know why ahe didn’t are the toughest to manage as a sports mom.

For the times when her dedication is tested and her motivation is low songs like If He Did It Before (by Tye Tribbett) and Do Life Big (by Jamie Grace) remind her of who she is and what she’s capable of doing.

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Female Athlete Playlist: Parental Advisory Selections

There were a few songs that didn’t make the list because I try to be a good parent most of the time. And even the “clean” versions didn’t pass the content test for my tween. I find Lose Yourself (by Eminem) and Move (by Ludacris) to be appropriate for both motivation and dedication, but not so much for song content and lyrics. It’s your choice as a parent, of course.

Check out Alexandra’s entire Race Prep Playlist or create your own on Amazon Music. What songs will you add to dedicate, motivate and inspire your female athlete? Leave us a comment below and let’s keep the list growing!

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