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7 Gifts Moms Really Want That Don’t Cost Money

We all joke about the worst gifts for moms on their special day. No vacuum cleaners. Nothing she’ll have to clean up herself. And most certainly nothing she paid for her on her own. Am I right? But all jokes aside the following are 7 gifts moms really want no matter what day it is. And to make it even better they don’t cost money.

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Peace and Quiet

It really is true. Moms work all day to meet the demands of the world, their careers, and their families. At the end of the day, we are tired. We need time to decompress and re-energize and to do so we must show up for ourselves the same we do for everyone else. That’s why we sit in the car after everyone has gone into the house. It’s how we gift ourselves a little peace and quiet. Let us have it. Thanks. 

To Be Left Alone

This sounds like the first one. It’s not. We can function in the midst of chaos, after all, we’re moms. But even when all hell is breaking loose around us sometimes we just need to be left alone. Dad can help with homework, and siblings can work through their own disputes. every once in a while stop and think, “Do I really need mom for this?” If you can honestly answer, “Not really,” leave her alone. 

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As much as we want to be left alone, there are definitely times we do not. And in those times we want all the focus to be on making sure we’re satisfied…if you catch my drift. **wink, wink** Just to be clear, this is not a gift we’re getting from our children, except, of course, if they’re kind enough to leave us alone while we’re getting it. 


Please and thank you go a long way. Let your mom know that you appreciate her, even if you don’t appreciate some of the things she’s done. Most moms are doing the best they can with what they have to do it, and we know it might not be what you want. Thank her anyway. 


My Great-Grandmother used to say “If you’ll lie you’ll steal. And if you’ll steal you’ll kill.” I think those were major leaps between offenses, but I agree with the premise. Honesty, or the lack of it, is the basis of that sentiment. We may not like what you have to, but we’ll be much happier if you tell us the truth about it. Dishonesty sends a message that there is no trust. So give your mom two gifts in one with this one. 

Our Children’s Happiness

As much as we want certain things from our children, we also want the best for our children.  We may not always go about this in the right way, but that’s where our children come in. This may not seem like a gift you can give, but with gratitude and honesty with you and your children can work toward achieving it together. 

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A Sense of Purpose

This is a gift you give yourselves, Mamas. Take the time to find who you are outside of marriage and motherhood. When you find it give yourself the gift of investing your energy in it. From the moment your children are born you begin raising adults. Motherhood is forever but child-rearing is temporary. Make time for you and walk into your purpose. 

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What do you think are the gifts moms really want?

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