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Healthy Holiday Gatherings for Your Whole Family

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Holiday gatherings are a standing tradition in my family. For as long as I can remember all four generations of my family gather for each major celebration. We spend several days, before and after the actual holiday, bonding as a family and enjoying each other’s company.
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As we’ve gotten older, moved away from home, and started families of our own, holiday gatherings are a little tougher to pull off. We now have five generations in our family—from my grandmother to my four great nephews—and are spread across four different states. We’re up to a count just shy of 60 members of our family.

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No one wants to miss a minute of hefty helpings of holiday cuisine from my great-uncle’s recipe book to the spirited competitions of family board or card games. With an aging first and second generation, and infants and toddlers, our needs are wide and vast. My father has leukemia. Last year he was suffering from a severe infection. He spent much of the holiday season in the hospital. Since then, happy and healthy holiday gatherings have become a central theme for our family.

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Keeping our shared spaces clean and free from germs is important for my dad. And with a family as large as ours, I rely upon Sam’s Club Family Caregiving to meet our health needs in the following ways.

Healthy Holiday Gathering Tip: Prevent Avoidable Accidents

When the activities last all day like ours do, there’s no room for avoidable mishaps. So I create personal care baskets for the bathrooms. Among the other sanitary items I stash a few Member’s Mark Pads for Women and Member’s Mark Premium Adult Washcloths. This way, everyone can attend to their personal care needs quickly, privately and avoid accidents in our shared spaces.
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Healthy Holiday Gatherings Tip: Stop Illness Before It Starts

Regular check ups and doctor visits at the slightest sign of illness are a must to keep our home as germ free as possible. Especially since our favorite holidays to gather occur during cold and flu season. For our healthy holiday, we keep antibacterial soap and body wash on hand at all times.

When holiday activities last all day like ours keeping your energy up and immune system strong is a must. Member’s Mark MultiVitamin helps keep our family healthy and strong while we cheer on our favorite sports teams. In a pinch, portable hand sanitizer is great for not just hands but seats, armrests, counters, cups, and any other public surface carrying unknown germs. Just grab a tissue and wipe away.

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Healthy Holiday Gatherings Tip: Treat It to Beat It

When we do find ourselves fighting the sniffles or even a fever, we have to treat it right away to protect my dad. Sam’s Club pharmacy and Member’s Mark line of OTC drug—including ibuprofen for fevers, antihistamines for sniffs and sneezes and prescriptions for the strong stuff—get us back on our feet and feeling better soon.

Make plans for healthy holiday gatherings with Sam’s Club, your one-stop shop for all caregiving needs.

How do you celebrate the holidays with your family? Share your approach to healthy holiday gatherings for everyone in your family in the comments below.

21 Replies to “Healthy Holiday Gatherings for Your Whole Family”

  1. Your family is so beautiful! I love the big family photograph! This is what I dream of when my children get older and they get married and have children. I hope we can all be together like your family. Your tips for healthy holiday gatherings are right on. We like to keep our medicine cabinet stocked with Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and allergy meds for my husband and son.

  2. My key to healthy holiday gatherings is hand and face washing! All those hugs, kisses, and handshakes come with so many germs… I also make sure the kids keep their hands out of their mouths if at all possible.

  3. The holidays are my favorite time of the year. I love the gatherings at dinner time and watching their expressions when they open gifts. One thing I like to do when we are together and going on our holiday family shopping trips is to keep disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in the cars. Clean hands help to keep the germs away!

  4. I love the holidays and getting the opportunity to spend with family. My family is very small but the holidays still give us the opportunity to be together and have a good time.

  5. WOW what a lovely and beautiful family you have. Our family meets up for the holidays as we all live in different continents ans Christmas is the time we can all get away from work at the same time. We then all fly to a country none of us have visited.

    1. I started doing these with feminine hygiene products in our last home. We had 4 bathrooms that were all very far apart and two of them didn’t have cabinets for storage. Then I realized there were other needs too. Everybody can take care of their own business.

  6. I really liked your post. Thanks for the tips especially for keeping heathy. I too have a big family and it is harder to get in touch with them for the holidays. It’s very comforting to know that others are in the same boat and that you are doing your best to keep the traditional family values alive.

    1. Yes, we are. When i finally had a family of my own I was tearful at the idea that they wouldn’t spend holidays the way I did with all my cousins, aunts and uncles growing up. I’m doing my best to keep the connection to family for them.

  7. This family gathering looks JUST like one of my family’s gatherings!! Especially with those CAVS shirts on (CLEVELAND STAND UP)…I love this post and the idea of making bathroom baskets. I love the basket ideas because that way no one has to come out the bathroom and ask questions and feel embarrassed about what they need.

  8. I have a large family on both sides and I host Christmas so I love the idea of having baskets for everyone with personal items. Great photos of your family. Prayers for a healthy holiday season for you and your family.

    1. This is just my mother’s side of the family. My husband’s grandfather had 10 siblings. They have a HUGE family! Thise baskets are so awesome and ensures no one has to miss out on the fun or be embarrassed because life happens.

  9. This is so sweet. I also love family gatherings. Like you said with everyone older and moving away, it gets really hard. We are currently in Nigeria right now getting together with ally siblings etc for my mom’s 90th and l am seriously loving it. I hope you have a lovely and healthy holiday season 🙂

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