Girls With Heart – The Annual Justice Fashion Show

As I’ve shared, Olivia and Alexandra are in the Justice Girls With Heart ambassador program. Among the other perks of merchandise and special in-store events, they were chosen to travel to Columbus, OH for the Justice Brand Conference.  This annual event is designed to train and educate Justice store managers across the country. It also features the annual winter line Justice fashion show.

Girls from across the Columbus area, including a few special guests from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and six Girls With Heart, walked the runway in the newest items from the Justice Collection. Parents did not get a chance to see the girls getting prepped and ready. So the first time we saw them all dolled up was on the catwalk.

justice fashion show 1

From fancy holiday dresses, stylish and comfortable active wear, to fun and festive pajamas, the tween girls showcased their style and flair on the catwalk. Olivia is sporting comfy activewear from the upcoming Live Justice line.

justice fashion show olivia
Olivia flashing a smile and throwing a wave on the right of the catwalk.

Alexandra’s pose says “girls can be tough and just as a good as boys,” as she shared in her Back To School #livejustice video.  Her Justice active leggings and hooded sweatshirt are the perfect choice to keep her muscles warm and ready on the football field or on the track.

justice fashion show alexandra
Alexandra is giving a fierce look on the right of the catwalk.

If your girls love to get Christmas pajamas like mine do, get ready for the new additions to the sleepwear line-up this season. Aren’t these elf pajamas just the cutest?

justice fashion show

We got the chance to spend some time with other Girls With Heart and their families. They also modeled in the Justice Fashion Show. 12-year-old Nya Breslin is one of them. Check her out on Instagram (@nyabreslinmakeup) to see the awesome things she does as a makeup artist.

justice fashion show nya
12-year-old makeup artist Nya Breslin is pictured center.

Destinee Duncan is a 12-year-old fashion designer of Glossy Girls clothing line. She modeled the items from Justice as well as she would have modeled her own. Check out her clothing line on Instagram (@glossygirls85).

justice fashion show destinee
12-year-old fashion designed Destinee is pictured left on the catwalk.

The last scene of the fashion show was a tribute to the new Live Justice theme. Each wearing a classic Justice initial top, the girls presented the new theme without having to say a single word.


Olivia and Alexandra also got to meet YouTube SuperStar “This Is Angelic,” who performed her newest release “Your Favorite Song” as the opening act for the fashion show.

justice fashion show angelic

Our Justice liaisons for the weekend were the Girls With Heart program reps Meggan and Lizzy. They made sure we had everything we needed and knew where we needed to be at all times. They were hospitable and made sure that all the Girls With Heart families were able to “live together” that weekend.

justice fashion show meggan and lizzy
Our hosts for the weekend, Meggan and Lizzy.

Watch the entire Justice Fashion Show in the video below!

See Olivia, Alexandra and all the young girls walk the catwalk in the newest and now available styles from Justice!

Which piece from the winter and holiday collection will you use t show your #JusticeStyle?

37 Replies to “Girls With Heart – The Annual Justice Fashion Show”

  1. i dont like this, the program sounds fun but u basically have to be famous and then they will make u more famous and give u stuff bc ur already famous and have sooo much and can buy there products and basically advertise for them

    1. That’s not true Annabelle. My girls are far from famous. But the aim of the program is to show you that even famous girls are girls just like you, who love the same things you do, including Justice.

  2. This is such an awesome program! I wish my sister was just a little bit younger so I can get her involved in programs like this. Kudos to you and thanks for bringing awareness to this. I’m not in the Mommy club yet so I miss out on so many good posts but I’d love to bring the attention to my students. I also love how the parents won’t get to see their kids until it’s show time. I know it’s a Stage Mom’s nightmare. 😉

  3. Such a nice event for young girls! I love that there are companies out here doing meaningful things like this and encouraging and uplifting young girls. So necessary.

  4. I can’t wait until my daughter can fit their clothes, but for now I just look for Justice inspired pieces in tiny sizes, lol. Looks like a wonderful event for little ladies. Love the diversity in the models, too.

  5. What an amazing program! It sounds like you and the girls had a blast in Columbus. I ask such a sucker for Christmas pajamasz They are a must-have every year for everyone on my list!

  6. This is really cute, I didn’t even know this was a thing. For many years I would walk past the Justice store in the mall and move to the boy friendly stores. Now I finally have a daughter and I can’t wait to shop for her in there.

  7. What a fun event! I remember my daughter loved Justice when she was younger. We didn’t live close to one of the stores, so we would pour through the catalogs and and then order what she couldn’t live without. It was so hard waiting for the mailman.

      1. How do u sign up for the justice heart ambassador and is it still going on if so can u send me the link to sign up please.Thank you!

  8. Not sure if my comment went or not. My internet keeps glitching. I was just noting what a wonderful opportunity this is for them!! How fun! And I’d love to spend some time in Columbus too!

  9. I can’t enter the contest, the link doesn’t work. 🙂 I will try to come back. 🙂 What a great opportunity for them! I have been through Columbus, but never stopped in. I bet his is a fun way to do so. 🙂

      1. I am serious about the Cubans, not the dictatorship that rules the place. There are good documentaries out there, which show how Cuba survived in their post-petroleum age. Google for Richard Heinberg,in solidarity

  10. What a cute fashion show! I remember when I was in a small fashion show at my school. I felt like a star and we got to keep the clothes! (not entering)

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