October 2014 MOM Spotlight – Detra Trueheart

Detra M. Trueheart

“One of the things that someone told me when I had my son was don’t get too comfortable.” Detra M. Trueheart

Pageant queen and dancer turned educator, mentor, counselor and speaker Detra M. Trueheart is the October 2014 MOM Spotlight.  This former Miss New York State competitor has a knack for putting her best foot forward on stage and in the community. A Buffalo native, Detra has competed locally, regionally, statewide and nationally.  And now, she helps other young women be their best in her program The Young Miss Buffalo Pageant Scholarship and Enrichment Program.

“Considering the media, television, the whole mean girls, and women fighting…that has somewhat spiraled out of control, we have shared with the girls that girls can get along. We try to provide a safe and healthy environment where girls can be girls,”  she told me during our interview.  The women who run the Young Miss Buffalo Pageant want to foster an environment where young women can learn about themselves, how to function with other young women and develop long lasting interpersonal skills and relationships.

“We want them to know that they can support each other. What’s most important is the friendships you have developed, the experiences you have encountered and the ability to take both of those and to be able to utilize them for years to come.” Detra firmly believes in this notion and practices it in her own life, as she and I competed against and with each other in high school, and have now become supporters of each other’s families and businesses as adults.

And that focus on adult relationships is what drove her to start Trueheart Speaks Enterprises, a personal development firm where women learn to live IN and ON purpose.  A powerful inspirational and motivational speaker, Detra converts those same energy into momentum with her personal clients. All the time balancing marriage, motherhood and ministry.

She admits that creating a life that’s balanced is being open to what happening in the moment. “To be honest [balancing my life as an educator, entrepreneur, wife and mom] it’s trial and error. I am learning how to be a better wife. I am always learning. Balance is subjective. It is to you what you need it to be at that point in time.” And this is what she teaches her clients and audiences.

Learn more about Detra’s movement connect with her at www.trueheartspeaks.com and www.ymbp.org.

Detra’s responses to The M.O.M Survey

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How Have You Chosen to Educate Your Children? Why?

He’s currently in a preschool program and as a Christian family we will operate according to Christian beliefs with Bible as our foundation. I also believe that parents are a child’s for teacher so we try to emulate what we want our son to say and do. We are very careful about what we expose him to.

How Do You Maintain BLISS in Your Love Relationship?

Communication Intimacy Laughing ALOT Being true to ourselves and taking time to take care of ourselves so we can be who we need to be for each other. Being more spontaneous.

What Strategies do You Use to Balance Family Life and Career?

Family Support Communication Compromise ME time WE time Prayer