Meet Anitra

Hi, I’m Anitra!

I’m Harold’s blissful wife. Stage Mom and Sports Mom to two incredibly gifted daughters, Olivia and Alexandra. Bonus Mom to a college kid, Trevone. Lover of chocolate. A degreed engineer and former corporate project manager. A Master Level Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. And a Certified Christian Life Coach dedicated to helping busy moms – like you and me – enjoy the time we spend with our families and stress less about all the thing we have to do in life. 


meet Anitra main 1About The Blog

The Mom On the Move is a parenting blog that helps motivated moms like you and me make the most of our time and create the best lives for our families. Here you will find tips to spend more meaningful moments with your family, help your children fulfill their big dreams, and get more done in less time. This is my little space of the internet where I share what I have learned about managing my family’s time, money, education, activities and personal development. 

I spent the early years of my children’s lives working as an engineer and project manager in Corporate America. But as my children grew, became more active, and their individual brilliance began to show I felt divided. I needed to fully invest in my family without feeling guilty because of my career. So, in 2014 I walked away from it all to invest my time and talent in creating success in my own family. 

I began using the project management and communication strategies that made me successful at work in my home. With a system for managing our busy schedule, our significantly reduced household budget, and an intentional approach to communication with my husband and children in place, I began to share my strategies online to help other families. And The Mom On the Move was born. 

I’m not saying the key to a happy, healthy family is quitting your job. Not at all. But, by making small changes in how you approach your time, your finances, and your emotions with easy to follow, results-based tools you can successfully manage your most important project in life – your children, your marriage, and your own dreams. 

Meet My Family

I love my family. I’ve always wanted to be a great wife and mom. These are the people that made that dream a reality for me. 

The Hubs

We met at the tender age of 18 on the campus of Tulane University and have been going steady ever since. He inspired the story in my book Experience B.L.I.S.S. in Your Relationships and is known around these parts as #CoachDaddy. He also fries a mean piece of chicken.

My Super Kids

I have been entrusted with the lives of two amazing little girls and a bonus son. Mothering them has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life. And one of the most challenging. I’ve learned how to properly parent all of them and each of them. Every child has brilliance in him/her and it is up to us as parents to nurture, cultivate and bring it out of them.

About Me - Olivia

The Activist 

Olivia C. Allen is the founder of the I Can Be Girls Confidence Conference, which teaches tween girls like herself how to be confident in themselves and go after their dreams.  She is also the co-founder of Girls Giving For Good, a non-profit that empowers young people to give back to their communities. Because of these accomplishments, she was invited to be a Justice Girls With Heart Ambassador. An aspiring Broadway and Hollywood actress, she loves helping people, making people laugh and her favorite snack is pickles. She’s also known as #theactress, #dramadiva, and #dancingqueen.

Alexandra Medals

The Athlete

Alexandra G. Allen is a natural athlete who is determined to win. She is an All-American Sprinter and Junior Olympic Medalist who competes in the 60m, 100m, 200m, and 400m races. She also plays basketball and flag football. Because of these accomplishments, she was invited to be a Justice Girls With Heart Ambassador. An athlete and a scholar, when she grows up she wants to become an engineer (like her mommy) who builds robots that help people. And drive Uber on the side. She is also known as #theacademic since she skipped kindergarten and is a genius (in her own words).

college bound son 1

The Artist

Trevone Allen is an aspiring rap/hip-hop artist whose taste in music varies greatly from Harold’s and mine.  A typical teenager, some days he wants to be a part of our family, and other days he doesn’t. He was the first attempt I ever had at parenting and has given me a new perspective on blended families and what it means to be a bonus mom. He is also known as #theboy since he’s the only male offspring.

Want To Work Together?

I enjoy working with brands that align with my goal of helping motivated moms raising high achieving children to get more done in less time with less stress. Email me at with your product or brand idea that you think is a great fit.

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  1. I’m doing an online show and I’d love to introduce you to a new audience.

    The show is going to focus on building communication in marriage. We will discuss a variety of topics that all center around that.

    Let me know if you’d be interested in
    Being an expert on this transformational show

  2. Hi Anitra,
    We were searching for Mom’s that inspire us and landed on your site. As a Father of four, and knowing that the success of our tribe is the impact of my children’s mother (my wife), I completely connect with your story, journey, blogs… I have a travel goods brand called and would love to feature your story on one of our email campaigns about Mom’s. Are you ok with that? We have a strong social purpose in partnership with Planet Water Foundation and we develop our products with as much recycled and sustainable materials as possible… you inspire us. 🙂

  3. Hello Anitra I enjoyed reading about your family and how you enjoy life with them now. I would love to chat with you more. I am feeling those same stress with my family now. it doesn’t seem like enough time in the day and your kids aren’t needing you for to much longer I want to be there for them more. If you wouldn’t mind I would love to chat with you.

  4. I saw something on Facebook about what to stop at 40 and can across your blog. I honestly clicked over because we share the same first name and it is not a typical name:) I was very surprised to see we also have the same working title. (Project management). I am very interested in reading your blog as I’m in that thought process of walking away from the corporate world also. I hope to find some inspiration to take the leap..

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