MoMath: Family Fun for All Ages in NYC

Whenever we travel as family we always plan to do something fun, something educational and something new. Because our kids are getting older, finding ways to incorporate the educational activities has become more difficult. So when a friend suggested we visit the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) I was sold.

I wasn’t sure that MoMath was going to be a good time for the whole family. Between Harold and me we have three math related college degrees, so it was a no brainer. Alexandra wants to be an engineer like me; I knew she’d love it. Olivia was the wild card. She claims that math is her favorite subject, but Harold and I are not convinced.

Museum of Mathematics 1
Even at the Museum of Mathematics she finds an art project.

What Is MoMath?

MoMath is a nonprofit organization supported primarily by donors, members and patrons. Their mission is to “enhance public understanding and perception of math.”

And from the moment you arrive at the pi shaped door handles you are immersed in the ways math affects our everyday lives.

Museum of Mathematics - pi door

Museum of Mathematics - Hyperboloid
Harold had a good time in the Hyper Hyperboloid

The Museum of Mathematics is Manhattan’s only hands on science center. Located on the North side of Madison Square Park, it’s easy to access by subway.

What Do You Do at MoMath?

The museum features over 40 hands on exhibits all based in math principles. Some are simple, like the Hyper Hyperboloid – a lesson in geometry. Others are more complex, like Hoop Curves – a lesson in trajectory.

All the exhibits are open to all ages and abilities, but as you would expect, some are harder than others. From riding the bike with square shaped wheels to writing your own math based comic strip, there is something to do for all physical and mental capacities.

Museum of Mathematics - square bike
Alexandra struggled to make the small square shaped bike move.

Who Will Enjoy MoMath?

Like I said before, I wasn’t sure we’d all have a good time at MoMath. Olivia is now a full fledged teenager who would rather go to a Broadway show or spend all day on social media.

But even the actress enjoyed the puzzles, mental games, and fascinating displays of mathematic principles in action.

Anyone who enjoys a challenge will have fun at MoMath. It truly is fun for all ages.

Do you think your children would have fun at a museum that was all about math?

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