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Helping Your Children Battle Boredom at Games – Sports Mom 101

Hey, Sports Mom! It’s time for the third installment of Sports Mom 101 and we’re discussing how to ward off boredom on the sideline.  Miranda is seeking activities to keep her little ones occupied when they don’t have the attention span to endure an entire game.

Sports Mom 101 Boredom

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The biggest hurdle you will face in the quest to battle boredom is your own mindset. It is a challenge to be pulled in two different directions when trying to support all your children’s needs.  Recognize now that an extra dose of patience will be required.

Battling Boredom: Be Practical

The best way to break up your time on the sideline is to incorporate activities you would already do.  Normal activities and toys you can pack in your bag, or have them pack in a bag of their own, are a good start. And then, strategically throughout the day throw in a trip to the bathroom, a walk around the field, and maybe even a stop at the concession stand. I know that goes against everything I shared in the nutrition post, but we’re talking about keeping your sanity. Sitting in a small space without much change of scenery can be difficult for the littles. Be practical in the way you interject a little variety.

Battling Boredom: Be Flexible

Divide and conquer.  Trade off game time responsibilities with Dad or Grandma to give yourself some reprieve. It’s not likely that you’ll be to sit through every practice or game. Be prepared for that. Harold and I alternated quarters when the girls were younger. If it seems your little won’t be able to manage games at all, find a sitter or friend to keep them. Maybe you can take turn with another mom on the team. We’ll talk about how to build those relationships in the next post.  And if you have a big that’s not so

And if you have a big one that’s not so interested, like I do, tell them that you are giving them the opportunity to make adult choices. Learning to entertain themselves is a necessary part of growing up. That’s what I tell her at least.


Battling Boredom: Be Prepared

It’s not always the best option, but when all else fails technology will keep them occupied. Here are some pro tips to make your devices work in your favor on the sideline.

Turn off your data. If you’re using a smartphone or a mobile-enabled device, turning off your data when you don’t need it will help to preserve your battery.

Bring portable pocket chargers. There will be few places to plug in and everyone will be looking to camp out around them. Two or three fully charged portable batteries like these will go a long way when technology is your method of choice. Don’t forget to bring the cords to connect them to your device as well.

Upload content to memory cards or drives. If you turn your data off, you won’t be able to stream. Upload a few games, activities or videos to a memory card. That way you can watch or play whether there is a data signal or not.

Are you ready for the summer season yet? Tell me what you’ve learned in te comments. Stay tuned for the next post in the Sports Mom 101 Series – Maintaining Relationships. We will discuss how to get along with crazy coaches, obnoxious parents and your own family through the summer season. Be sure to subscribe to The Mom On the Move Blog to get every post delivered straight to your inbox.


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