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I Wrote About HPV and The Internet Responded

A few months ago I shared the answers to 7 questions I had about the HPV vaccine and how they changed my mind. I wrote about my experience in this post. I knew there would be a strong response because talking about vaccines creates tension for many people. I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly I encountered when I wrote about HPV.

This post is possible with support from the American Cancer Society. All opinions are authentically my own. Read my full disclosure statement here.

Some people responded negatively.

So you believed the drug manufacturers representative? Many drugs have been sold as safe.

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Several people immediately jumped on me for sharing my story. Some felt I had been duped by a pharmaceutical rep whose job is to sell the vaccine. Others shared concerns about negative health experiences connected to the vaccine. And a few people shared their personal stories and connections with HPV and HPV-related cancers.

What rang true throughout most of the negative comments was a lack of understanding that the HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.

Some people responded positively.

Absolute yes. Both of my kids have had it. No regrets. It prevents CANCER.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who were grateful I shared my story. Many of them related to my questions before that conversation in Austin, and they were happy to learn more. For as many negative comments about reasons not to vaccinate, there were positive comments explaining how the vaccine is safe and effective.

Some people were just rude.

I did not do it because I did not have to? Lame.

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Wanna know what really gets to me? When people are rude for no reason. I am not afraid to tackle tough subjects, so I anticipated a few internet trolls when I wrote about HPV vaccination and have learned not to feed them. But sometimes I respond. It was too important to me that other parents learned how the vaccine protects against HPV-related cancers to let nasty comments go unchecked.

Get the facts about HPV and cancer from the American Cancer Society at http://bit.ly/HPV_Texas.

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